Fixed Wireless Terminal? 

Phone Transformer – Fixed Wireless Terminal 
Phone Transformer is a new and innovative Plug & Play product that makes it possible to connect your landline telephone to your mobile network. Your landline phone is now “mobile” and can be quickly and easily moved wherever you want. For example, you can take it with you to work or on holiday.

Insert the SIM card and soon after you is ready to make a call. The vast majority of mobile-operators can move your landline telephone number to the Phone Transformer. And you and your family keep your old telephone number. At the same time you can save money on monthly subscriptions and phone calls.

Phone Transformer works in 3 quick steps: Insert SIM-card, connect fixed-line telephone, and plug Phone Transformer into the outlet. Now, the device is ready to use. Unlike other similar products on the market, we have made Phone Transformer simple and straightforward for you to manage.

Same user experience: You will not experience any changes relative to using your regular fixed-line telephone. With the Phone Transformer, you can both receive and make calls,as you would normally do with your regular fixed-line connection.